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Customized software development

Control software is one of the key features of a state of the art deposition system. Therefore Bestec develops for each system a customized software solution on the basis of standard software modules.

Typical design parameters

  • Server – client architecture.
    • Server as software to machine interface.
    • Client as user to software interface and for process automation handling.
  • Different user right levels and user managment.
  • Two parameter logging mechanisms for user defined devices.
  • User defined desktop arrangement of software dialogs and graphs.
  • User defined process automation programs (process) and program steps (scripts).
  • Parameter limit checking and reaction in client as user defined limits.
  • Software interlocks for user and system safety.


  • Integration of special user requested functions.
  • Attachment of several client PCs to one server PC.
  • Setup of user access restrictions for process automation.