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P466 – 4″ UHV sputter deposition system CU Prague


UHV sputter deposition system for thin film and multilayer deposition at 4″ substrate

Year of delivery


Installation site

Charles university, Prague, Czech Republic

Design Features

  • UHV magnetron sputter deposition system in confocal sputter up configuration.
  • Up to nine 2″ magnetrons.
    • All magnetrons with manual in situ tilting.
    • All magnetrons with easy changeable magnetic system for use with ferromagentic or non-ferromagnetic target materials.
    • Low pressure and low power sputtering possible.
    • RF – DC switching unit installed.
    • High power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) possible.
  • Fully motorized 2 axes sample manipulator with integrated sample shutter, DC Bias potential option and maximal sample temperature well above 800°C.
  • Ion source for sample precleaning, mild etching and ion beam assisted deposition processes.
  • Moveable thickness monitor for sputter rate measurement before starting a deposition process.
  • Integrated bake out system.
  • Load lock chamber including sample preparation stage.
    • Dosing gas inlet valve for oxydation or nitration.
    • Lamp heating stage for thermal treatment or themal sample precleaning.

Special Features

  • Face to face sputtering possible by using sample holders with tilted samples.
  • System is prepared to be added to a cluster tool via second transfer port at sputtering chamber.
  • System is prepared for ion beam assisted deposition as well.
  • Different sample sizes from 4″ wafer down to 10mm x 10mm samples can be handled (using different kind of sample adapters).

Outer Dimensions

Technical specifications and performance values


Sputtering chamber


700 mm diameter, about 850 mm height


stainless steel

Load lock chamber


200 mm diameter, about 300 mm height


stainless steel


Sputtering chamber

Base pressure

< 3 * 10-9 mbar

Pump down time

6.5 hours to < 5 * 10-7 mbar

Chamber pumping

Turbo pumping stage, chamber lid differentially pumped by dry foreline pump

Bake out

< 150°C

Load lock chamber

Base pressure

< 10-7 mbar

Pump down time

2.5 hours to < 5 * 10-7 mbar

Chamber pumping

Turbo pumping stage with dry foreline pump

Manipulator features

Sputtering chamber

Sample size

diameter max. 4″ substrate

Motion axes

2 motorized axes (manipulator z translation and (continous) rotation of the sample stage)

Pneumatic sample shutter (part of the manipulator head)


Room temperature (not stabilized) up to 850°C at sample

Special features

Sample bias (RF, DC or pulsed DC) is possible

Sample preparation features

Sputtering chamber

Oxydation / Nitration /

Plasma treatment

max. 5 * 10-4 mbar partly ionised gas mixture (using a griddless ion gun)

Gas mixture variable from pure argon up to pure oxygen or nitrogen

Ion beam etching /

sample precleaning

Variable ion source to sample distance

Wide range variable ion energy and ion beam current

Load lock chamber

Oxydation / Nitration

max. 10-2 mbar neutral oxygen / nitrogen gas (using a manual gas dosing valve)

Thermal treatment

max. 450°C at sample (no temperature regulation)

Performance test results

Chamber pump down
Long time sample heating